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Benefits of E-Insurance

Benefits of E-Insurance
July 6, 2020 camsrep

Gone are the days where mounting paperwork was an issue for implementing official tasks, and storing and safeguarding important documents proved to be a hassle. The digital landscape is evolving and India is making rapid strides towards technology.

With just a click or tap, online transactions are carried out in sectors like banking, retail, healthcare, government, etc. Thankfully, the digital era has also brought significant changes in the insurance sector.

Important Benefits of E- Insurance

Preserving your insurance policies in a dematerialised form has become imperative due to unforeseen uncertainties or calamities. Let’s take a look at some advantages of switching to digital insurance:

Enables Multiple Policy Viewing – Through a single dashboard, you can view information of all your policies on a single screen.

Ensures Safety and Protection – There is no reason to fear about losing the physical copies of your documents or damaging them. It also gives the assurance that your policies are in safe hands with digital back up.

Easy Tracking and Monitoring – Avoid unwanted policy lapses by receiving timely alerts for premium deadlines and policy renewals.

Creates Paperless Environment – By switching to digital, you can save loads of paper and contribute to being environment-friendly.

Reduces Instances of Fraudulent Acts – You as an insurance buyer can be shielded against fraudulent sources occurring due to issuance of fake documents and forged signatures.

Facilitates Effortless Premium Payments – A lot of time and effort can be saved through online transactions. By paying your premiums on a digital platform, you can avoid the hassle of standing in queues. Electronic receipts can also be printed with just a click.

Provides Professional Support – Insurers can avoid the hassle of receiving numerous alerts of multiple policy updates from various communication mediums. By digitizing your insurance policies, you can initiate online requests and obtain support from insurance experts and advisors.

Enables Accessibility – Policy information can be easily retrieved and managed online, anytime and anywhere without restrictions. In case of the unforeseen death of the E-insurance account holder, the appointed nominee can also view the policy information provided he/she is the ‘Authorized Representative’. This way, the relatives of the deceased individual are not kept in the dark about the insurance policies opted for during his or her lifetime.

What are you waiting for?

If you are a policy holder who has not made the transition to E-insurance, this is the time to take the crucial step to experience all the benefits and advantages it has to offer.