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Critical Illness Health Insurance

Critical Illness Health Insurance
October 8, 2020 camsrep

No amount of stress will ever be enough to reiterate the importance of health.  Sometimes life challenges you with an unexpected critical illness and brings a lot of distress to your family. The need to be taken care of by someone added with the financial burden can be taxing all at a time. So having a critical illness health insurance cover will save a great amount of distress among your family.

In such scenarios, if the financial aspect is taken care of, you and your family can focus on the recovering part. It will let you focus on the health and help you recoup sooner.

That is why it is important to have a critical insurance cover. Some points to know and remember when you choose a critical illness health insurance:

Points to remember when you choose Critical Illness health Insurance

  • A critical illness insurance will cover your loss of income during your treatment period.
  • It has a guaranteed payouts which goes up to 150%, depending on your illness and the insurance company.
  • A critical illness insurance basically covers extensive therapies and surgical procedures.
  • Some critical illness policies cover even hiring a wellness coach after the treatment to get back to normal health.
  • The survival period required is also short like 15 days (varies with each insurance company), after the diagnosis of the illness.
  • Some exclusions are sexually transmitted diseases or illnesses due to liquor or drugs, suicidal attempts etc.
  • It is important to intimate your insurance provider within 7 days (or as specified by the company) after diagnosis.
  • The health conditions usually covered as critical illnesses are life-threatening diseases or conditions.
  • The average age cover for the critical illness cover is from 18 years to 65 years, though it may vary with each insurance company.
  • Some policies allow lifelong renewal and daily allowances for treatment, transport etc. depending on the illness and the insurance company you opt for.

The need of Insurance

The medical advancements today have the facility to treat and cure most of the major illnesses that occur. You need to have enough money to combat the medical contingencies.

Here is where insurance helps you. You must analyze the different clauses each insurance policy has and also look out for the Claims settlement ratio of the insurance company before making the decision.

Once you choose the right insurance cover, the next most important step is to E-Insure your policy. E-Insurance is a safe digital vault that lets you store all your insurance policies digitally.

When there is a critical illness, the last thing you need to be worrying about is where your policy documents are. E-Insurance also comes with many other benefits like easy updates, protection against theft or loss of physical documents etc.

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