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Diabetes Insurance

Diabetes Insurance
September 3, 2020 camsrep

India is called the ‘Diabetes capital of the world’ and there is an estimate that the country might have 80 million diabetic population by 2030. Yes, it is alarming but it is also surprising that the insurance products that cover diabetes and the awareness for the patients to avail the same is comparatively low.

With advance medical treatments, many continue with their normal life even when they have this chronic disease for years together. The first step is definitely to stay healthy, however, if you have diabetes, you should be ready to manage the medical expenses that come along with it.

Since this has become a common health complaint, diabetes may not seem like a serious condition but  ends up in continuous treatment for years together and hence well-planned insurance to cover your expenses that save a lot of money will be of immense help.

Things you should know about a Diabetes Insurance

  • A good diabetes insurance covers various complications of diabetes and related expenses.
  • The insurance also comes in with flexible options according to the stage of the disease.
  • Some insurance providers avail the insurance product without a medical examination.
  • The expense cover includes consultations, diagnosis, medicines and related bills.
  • The insurance will cover doctor’s consultation fees giving you the option to consult the best doctor.
  • Some insurance companies offer rewards to patients who maintain good health.
  • The minimum age is 91 days (for infant diabetes cases) and there is no maximum age limit (mostly).
  • Children with diabetes can also be covered under family health insurance plans with specific clauses.
  • Regardless of age, a medical examination is a must to avail diabetes insurance, for most insurers.
  • The claims process for diabetes insurance is similar to that of a general health insurance plan.

Note: This is a general guideline only. Please read your insurance document thoroughly and confirm with your insurer on what aspects of medical costs the insurance company covers and what is not, and make a well-informed decision. 

Once you choose the right insurance, the next important step is to E-insure all your policies. E-Insurance is a one-time registration process, that allows you to link all your policies digitally .

It is a safe digital vault that saves you the stress of safeguarding the paper documents from loss, theft or damage.

E-Insurance also makes your claims process very easy and updating any changes across all policies at one go becomes easier. Register your E-Insurance with Policy Genie (by CAMS REP) and secure all your policies.

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