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Difference between network and non-network hospitals

Difference between network and non-network hospitals
September 17, 2021 camsrep

Health insurance is a very important investment as it provides multiple benefits and quality treatment. In case of an emergency, you can avoid borrowing money from relatives or friends if you have a health insurance plan. However, an important factor that determines if you will have to pay the money out of your pocket and get reimbursed later by the insurance company  or get a cashless service, depends upon the hospital where you are undergoing the treatment. Every insurance company has a tie-up with a list of hospitals known as network hospitals. In this blog, we will discuss the difference between network and non-network hospitals.

Rashmi has medical insurance and gets hospitalised at a hospital near her home. Unfortunately, this hospital did not have a tie-up with her insurance company. Hence she had to pay for the treatment from her pocket and then reimburse it from her insurer. Though she had a cashless health insurance cover, she had to bear the medical expenses first because she was admitted to a non-network hospital.

How health Insurance policy works in a Network Hospital ?

If you get hospitalized in a network hospital, you can avail yourself cashless treatment (if you have) and your treatment cost will be directly taken care of by your insurance firm by having a health insurance.

In a Non-Network Hospital

If you avail the services at a non-network hospital, you have to take care of your own bills and produce the bills to your insurer. He will reimburse the amount depends upon your insurance plan and company policy.

The insurance company always recommends you to seek treatment at a network hospital if the surgery or treatment is pre-planned. Your insurance provider will give you a list of hospitals that comes under them. You can choose the one most suitable for you based on location, pricing and quality of services. Make sure to know the list of network hospitals so that even in a case of emergency you can avoid paying from your pocket.

A cashless facility is a lifesaver during medical emergencies. So, make sure you get one as part of your health insurance plan.

It is also important that you get your health insurance policy e-Insured. Do not waste time searching for your insurance documents during an emergency. e-Insurance is a digital vault that allows you to view all of your policies in one convenient location. Simply, provide the insurance desk at the hospital with your e-account number. Look how simple it is.

Creating an e-Insurance account takes just a few minutes but comes with life long benefits.
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