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Find non-reachable policyholders’ using PolicyGenie’s Deep Contact Tracing

Find non-reachable policyholders’ using PolicyGenie’s Deep Contact Tracing
May 6, 2022 camsrep

Find your long-lost policyholders

With nearly 24,596 crores of the unclaimed amount accumulated in the insurance sector which has grown by 15-16%, one can’t assume them happening just because of one reason. However, a major contribution to this is the challenge faced by insurance companies in reaching out to their policyholders.

Over the years, the policyholder might have moved to a different city or area without updating the same on their insurance records. This leads to a delay in the settlement procedure. The policyholder may be an NRI or might have changed his company. Even otherwise, when a policyholder changes his/her phone number and email ID, they forget to update the same on the policy documents. In many scenarios, a policyholder even forgets about the policy as it matures after many years. As a result, insurance companies have a tough time reaching out to them.

What can PolicyGenie do for you?

Through our automation and BOT technologies, we have improved contact traceability for unclaimed policyholders by 10%-12%.

Benefits of PolicyGenie Unclaimed Solutions

Deep Contact Tracing:
Our specifically designed deep contact tracing algorithm will take care of your worries. Our industry-first solution is here to reduce both your unclaimed money & your stress over it.

Quick search & connect:
Finding & connecting with your non-reachable customers have become so much simpler! We are your intermediary powerhouse enabling all sorts of links between you and your customers.

Precise Account Validation:
Verifying your customers’ details has never been easier. Don’t worry, our genie will take care of anything and everything.


Deep Contact Tracing:
Deep Contact Tracing helps trace unreachable policyholders through their digital footprint.

NRI Contact tracing:
The system even recognizes NRI customers and provides options to reach out to them and inform them about their unclaimed accounts.

Interactive communications:
PolicyGenie interactive communication enhances customer engagement with minimal manual interaction to update their personal information or KYC details.

Adaptive Communications:
This is coupled with drip campaigns through multiple channels. The system switches between interactive emails, link-embedded SMS/RCS, and WhatsApp Bot seamlessly to improve customer interaction.

Call & Chat Agents:
PolicyGenie is also supported by online agents who are always ready to help when a policyholder requires human intervention. The digital process is further enhanced by adding feet on-street wherever required to augment the customer experience.


Insurance repositories not only help the policyholders to keep their documents safe and secure, but it also aids the insurance companies to have a hassle-free relationship with their policyholders. It is thus a one-stop solution for both the insured and the insurers to have a secure and convenient digital insurance experience.

Hence, you need not wait anymore.  Connect with Policygenie and ensure to not only connect with your customers but also reduce your unclaimed-related worries.

Creating an e-Insurance account takes just a few minutes but comes with life long benefits.

e-Insure today with PolicyGenie. Click the link below.

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