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How to Fund your Start-up

How to Fund your Start-up
July 23, 2020 camsrep

In stark contrast to the ’80s and ’90s where people were obsessed with working in the Government and IT sectors, the new generation of Indian Millenials has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. It’s all about off-beat business propositions, partnerships, and ideas that have taken over the job sector and ended the streak of traditional employer-employee behaviour. Here we will discuss about how to fund your start-up.

We see a lot of youth and middle-aged men and women abandoning their 9 to 5 jobs and deep-diving into the sea of possibilities where opportunities are endless and dreams are achievable.

The Age of Pursuing Passions

The fire of a great idea can easily die if there is no fuel to keep it burning. Money is that fuel to keep it raging on. You may be an intern, a homemaker, or a professional with a dream to start a business on your own. You may also think about establishing a start-up. There may be so many ideas brimming right at the top of your head and you can’t wait to venture out into the unknown. But, what good is a great business proposition if there is no way to fund it? Think about this.

Sometime in the future, your son/daughter or even your spouse could aspire to do something big on their own. They would turn to you for financial support and you might end up disappointing them. Regret could be the worst thing to deal with in the face of shattered dreams. Finances are the bedrock to start a new business and it gets difficult to find someone that can fund your venture without asking too many collaterals.

So, how will you lend support financially? Money is not really a hard thing to come by. You need to look for it in the right places. If you are stuck with a business plan but lack the finances, ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plans) is the best solution.

Why Invest in ULIP?

ULIPs are useful in building long-term wealth to fund start-ups, support budding talents like entrepreneurs, sportspersons, or even actors. They offer you the opportunity to benefit from financial growth in equity investing. To avail tax benefits (under Section 80C), you have to adhere to the minimum five-year lock-in period, which instills the discipline of saving money for the future. All you have to do is make the right choice in selecting the right ULIP plan that meets your financial requirements. Keep these pointers in mind before choosing your ULIP provider:-
  1. The track record and legitimacy of the insurance company.
  2. The levels of transparency shown for funding, expenses, disclosure of portfolios, etc.
  3. A systematic process-led approach to investing.
  4. The capability factors showcased by the fund managers and team of analysts.
How much joy and satisfaction there would be if your loved ones or even you could start something new and see it to fruition. Honing skills, nurturing talent, and backing up brilliant ideas are the ingredients for becoming commercially successful. Thankfully with ULIPs, there is always something to fall back on.

I have Invested in Insurance. Now What?

You have chosen the right ULIP plan and can’t wait to start out on your own. Have you ever thought about securing your insurance policies? You might think that it’s safe in a file, locked up in your cupboard. But, what if there is an uncertain event like a fire or flood? What if it gets misplaced somewhere? You can never take a chance with paper documents, especially when everything in life is uncertain. To guarantee the safety of your insurance policies and educate your loved ones about the plans you purchased, get E-Insured.

An E-Insurance account enables you to digitize all your policies and secure them in a digital vault. This is the smart way to store, manage, and access all your policies in one platform.

IRDAI has mandated E-Insurance for all claims with a minimum premium of 10,000 INR. CAMS REP is an IRDAI registered platform where you can create your personal E-Insurance account.

Choose the right ULIP and E-Insure it right away. Click here to register for an E-Insurance account.
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