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How to open an E-Insurance Account?

How to open an E-Insurance Account?
July 6, 2020 camsrep

In this digital era where many things are possible at the click of a button, if one day you wake up with a dream of having all your policies in one place, do not pinch yourself. This is not a dream anymore, for E-Insurance is here.

Wondering what is E-Insurance?

E-Insurance or Electronic insurance is considered as a digital revolution in the field of insurance. IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has made E-Insurance a mandate, which implies that all insurance policies are to be issued, stored and maintained in an electronic format.

E-Insurance is basically a one-time account that you create to link all your policies under one platform, regardless of where you have taken it and the nature of the policy.

Why E-Insurance?

Getting an E-Insurance account comes with a lot of benefits that actually makes it unbelievable. But, this is absolutely true and all that you need to do enjoy the following benefits is to create your E-Insurance account. It’s that simple.

  • One click to all your policies
  • Not missing your premium payment dates
  • Renewal of policies on time
  • Paper-free process
  • No threat of loss or damage
  • No need to carry all documents
  • No KYC documents every time you open a new policy
  • Stay safe from fraudulence

Fly all over the world without carrying papers

How to open an E-Insurance account?

  1. Choose your preferred Insurance Repository
  2. Download the E-Insurance account opening form
  3. Fill the form with accurate details
  4. Self-attest your KYC documents and attach it
  5. Submit the documents to your preferred Insurance Repository
  6. Get your unique E-Insurance account number

What next?

Remember your E-Insurance number (comes with a login ID and password) and use it efficiently with the multitude of benefits it comes with. Make your life easy with your E-Insurance account!

Sign-up for an e-Insurance account