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Is your Insurance valid without a driving license?

Is your Insurance valid without a driving license?
July 16, 2020 camsrep

Well, this might come as a surprise to many. Did you know that you can actually buy a car without a license?  Is your insurance valid without a driving license? While this might sound interesting, it involves many complications. To understand further, read along.

It is rather a common dream for many to desire and buy a car. Most often, people learn to drive the vehicle but keep postponing the process of getting a driving license.

Now knowing that you can actually buy a car without a driving license might sound exciting but, you must be fully aware of the risks involved in this. These are some basic insights you must know before driving your car without a driving license.

Is your Insurance valid without a driving license?

1. When you file a claim for an accident, a driving license is one of the most important documents.
2. . The insurance company will approve the claim only if you have a valid driving license and it should belong to you.
3. An invalid driving license will directly lead to the cancellation of the claim, no matter how severe the damage is.
4. There are some insurers who do provide policies for car owners with a valid driving license but the risk here is the coverage and claim part. Most often, this will not be of help to you when you want to claim your policy.
5. There is another option provided by some insurance companies, wherein one of your family members can register for car insurance, while you are the owner but do not have a driving license. However, this will again lead to the cancellation of claims in most scenarios.
6. If you own a car but do not drive it at all (especially when you have a driver or one of your family members drives it), you can still insure your car with amendments to cover the person who is driving it.
7. If you love Vintage cars and preserve one or more which you never drive, you can still insure them and use it to repair if required.
8. If your driving license is suspended, which is possible for many reasons, until it is revived you can own a car and insure it while someone else drives for you. But any claims during this period might be a little complicated and it is best to discuss it with your insurance provider.
9. There are some insurance companies that provide insurance for your car while you still hold a Learner’s License Registration (LLR). However, it is advisable to clarify how the claim process works for this.
10. There is also a possibility to insure your car without a driving license if you are physically injured or have challenges to drive, where you can take the help of someone else to drive for you. But, discuss in detail with the insurance provider for what the claims will cover and not cover.

Now, you will have some clarity on why it’s not mandatory to have a driving license to buy insurance for your car, but it is very important to have one to claim your policy. The best solution is therefore to have a valid driving license before you choose to drive your car.

E-insure your policy

And, the next most important step is to E-Insure your policy. An E-Insurance account enables you to digitize all your policies and link them to one safe digital vault, and access them at your convenience.

IRDAI has mandated E-Insurance for all policyholders and for all claims with premium above 10,000 INR. CAMS REP is an IRDAI registered platform to create your E-Insurance account.

Get the right car, get the right insurance and make the right move to E-Insure it.
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