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Why is Term Insurance important?

Why is Term Insurance important?
October 7, 2020 camsrep

Term Insurance is a great option when it comes to insurance and it fits you regardless of whichever life stage you are in. You might be saving your life and your family just by understanding its process and benefits.

This is an affordable option that lets you create your financial security even if you have just started working. The best part is that the premium amount does not increase with age.

It also comes with added benefits like topping up the base policy with critical illness and accident death covers.

For a beginner, who wants to build a long-term financial stability, term insurance is the best option.

A term insurance offers a life cover for a specific sum and for a specific tenure and if the policyholder dies before the term ends, the insurance company will pay a death benefit.

You can customize the payout lumpsum or monthly however you want apart from availing the premium at low cost. Another added benefit is that the premium paid is exempted from the income tax too.

A term insurance payout will come in handy if the policyholder falls sick or meets with an accident.

Thus, it is a cost-effective insurance cover for you with low premium, financial security, low claim rejection.

Once you choose to protect yourself with a term insurance, the next thing you have to do E-Insure your policies.

Yes, E-Insuring your policies is as important as choosing the right insurance policy as it lets you to store your insurance documents digitally and access them whenever you want.

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